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iKids Enterprises LLC is a youth organization created to empower and inspire youth of all ages to learn concepts of financial literacy, business and entrepreneurship. Modeling our Four Pillars of Success Model, we are striving to Educate, Create, Engage and Inspire the young entrepreneur's mind with fun and innovative financial literacy topics that'll be sure to take their ideas and interests to the next level.

Our team brings more than 6 years of financial experience and expertise to iKids Enterprises, LLC. From working in the banking institution to becoming a Certified Financial Education Instructor, the content and knowledge displayed throughout our business structure comes from a long line of analyst research experience and reputable financial education statistics. 


Our youth are the hope for our future.

iKids Enterprises has set a goal to reach over 500 households per month for a total of 10 months in the year 2021 by providing each child with a copy of our Youth Financial Literacy Workbook and Activity Journal. 

The iKids Across America Event is structured to provide free financial literacy workbooks to those youth in underserved communities. To subside the cost, we are seeking sponsorship opportunities to help aid in purchasing copies of the workbooks so that we are able to provide them to our youth in need of a financial education. According to the National Financial Educators Council, since Home Economics has been eliminated from the coursework, only a small percentage of students receive any financial education in school. 69% of youth today still rely on their parents as their leading source of financial knowledge while the majority of people are in financial trouble. Consequently, bad habits are passed down from generation to generation with no hope for financial and economic prosperity. 

We are striving to be the change needed in order to inspire our youth to own their financial and economic success. Thank you for believing in our initiative and being a shining light and advocate for youth financial literacy. 

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